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Orders can be placed at any time. Once our inventories are in and the plants are finished growing (Mid September) we will send an order acknowledgment out to you. Orders are taken on a first come first serve basis and processed based on your order date. As we get more accurate inventory information through the fall we will re-confirm your order with any size or quantity changes. Orders for future seasons can be placed at any time.

Seedling & Transplant Shipping Calendar



Specimen Shipping Calendar



Spring Digging Season

Our Spring Harvest normally starts around March 15th and we start by shipping April 1st. Our spring digging season normally lasts through the end of April and we can normally ship until May 15th. Seedlings are held in cold storage once dug until your specified ship date.

Summer Shipping season

We have a limited supply of potted material and B&B plants left over from our Spring Digging season that can be shipped during the summer (June to September). Call for current availability information.

Fall Digging season

We normally begin digging in the fall once the plants have gone dormant, usually around October 15th. Seedling conifer orders are dug based on quantity not size as they do not hold well over the winter in the cooler. If you have a fall conifer seedling order you may receive multiple sizes to fill your order. Largestock (B&B) orders are done on a limited basis due to watering and shipping restraints. If you are in need of B&B material in the fall let us know and we will try our best to meet your needs.

Winter Shipping Season

Seedlings dug in the fall can be held in cold storage for shipment during the winter (Dec-Feb). If you need your order shipped during this time please let us know in advance so we can dig and hold them in our coolers.